Clip - Ozzy Osbourne - You Can't Kill Rock and Roll (with original bass and drum parts)

Title : Ozzy Osbourne - You Can't Kill Rock and Roll (with original bass and drum parts) (7:21)
Description : IMPORTANT! READ: In 1980, Ozzy released his first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz. Then in 1981, he released his second, Diary Of A Madman. His band for these two albums consisted of himself on vocals, Randy Rhoads on guitar, Bob Daisley on Bass, and Lee Kerslake on drums. In 1995, these were remastered on CD for the first time, untampered with. Then in 2002, they were released again, only with rerecorded bass and drum parts for some type of legal reason by two totally different musicians. The 2002 versions ruined the original albums and unfortunatly, is the only versions really sold in stores today. So chances are if you own these CDs and bought them recently, you have the crap rerecorded bass and drum versions of these classic albums. The new musicians just couldn't hold up to the skill, slickness and nostalgia that Bob Daisley and Lee Kershlake had. The rerecording makes the albums seem quite awkward and is all around just bad. If you're looking to buy these classic albums on CD, track down the 1995 version, the one you are hearing right now, you can distinctly recognize it if you see it in stores or online because the original cover in shrunken down and OZZY written very largely down the right side, as seen in the picture. If the cover of the CD is just the original cover, then its the 2002 version. (Most will also have a label telling you the bass and drums have been rerecorded). But trust me, it sounds awful. These are two of the greatest heavy metal albums of all their original state. Be careful, Ozzy's third classic classic has been totally remixed and sounds God awful. So if you're buying Ozzy's BLIZZARD OF OZZ, DIARY OF A MADMAN, or BARK AT THE MOON, buy the 1995 releases, not the 2002 ones. Remember, cover shrunken down in the middle and OZZY written really big on the right
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